Some of the 'bigger' bad boys in the yard

My little 'mini tower'.  What we have here is a very nice KLM 4 element tri-band HF yagi, excellent for 10,15, and 20 meters.  Stacked above is a nice VHF/UHV Log Periodic and a long boom 70cm yagi


Hard to see this fellow -- but it is my 1.2GHZ (ok 1280MHz) vertical yagi for my ATV Transmitter.  It is fixed pointed to the repeater site.


Closeup of the vhf/uhf LogPeriodic.


Another view of the discone -- notice how well it blends in with the palm 

(errr  ahh. that is:  Queen Palm  (Syagrus romanzoffiana)  -- must get it right)



Now everyone knows that all antennas have cables that must lead somewhere.


My 'stealth' antenna -- long story about his service in the Vietnam conflict - -but now is retired into 2 meter service.


Finally, to end the tour, the end of the co-ax.  This is it,  where "In God we trust, All others we monitor" happens.

Oh, don't forget to notice the 850MHz antenna in the circular window!




Now, aren't you glad you don't live next to me????  :)  Hope you appreciate your own neighbourhood better now.



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